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Conditions that could mean surgery on your retina

Updated: May 25, 2020

As we get older our do eyes too. Find out from Mrs Gordon-Bennett, what retinal conditions could be blurring your vision, which could be fixed with vitrectomy surgery.

Macular Hole
Photo of Macular Hole (right) and OCT scan of Macular Hole (left)

Some people are surprised that vitrectomy surgery is so safe nowadays. This can be carried out as a day surgery procedure with quick recovery.

Vitrectomy surgery has come a far way since starting in 1970. Certainly surgery for macular holes is now very successful.

Is Vitrectomy right for you?

Vitrectomy can be done for macular holes (vision missing or distorted in the centre), epiretinal membranes which can cause distortion of vision, and even lamellar or paryial macular holes.

My first experience with vitrectomy was in 1999.

I am pleased to be able to do something definite to improve people's quality of vision. No longer do they have to put up with wavy or distorted images.

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